Summer Time

SO, how is your summer going?! It’s moving a little bit too fast around here. Of my 3 kids, my oldest (the grand age of 13) has spent more time away from home… 2 weeks at church camps already and has another week + another 10 days at Boy Scout camp to go. I feel more like a chauffeur/ laundry maid these days … even more so than normal haha!

But in my other life as a jewelry artist… a NEW teardrop ring in sterling silver! I’ve just completed it and may soon add it to the shop! I’m afraid I’m already in love with it…




I do hope you’re really enjoying your summer and you’re spending as much time as you can with those you hold the closest to your heart! Thank you for all of your amazing support and encouragement you send my way… you are so amazing!

Hope you’re having a blessed day!
Love you so much,